5 Benefits of CEREC Same Day Crowns

Bloomfield Hills CEREC Same Day Crowns Dentist

Our CEREC same day crowns dentists at Glenn Spencer DDS can place your dental crown in one appointment by using CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics).

Our Bloomfield Hills dentist is always looking for the latest technology that will improve your experience in the dentist’s chair. Continue reading to learn how you could benefit from a CEREC same day crown.

For more information, call our office to schedule a consultation. Continue reading to learn more about our Bloomfield Hills CEREC dentist. We look forward to serving you!

Benefits of CEREC Same Day Crowns

1.) Minimally Invasive

In the past, patients had to bite into a tray of pink putty so we could get impressions of their teeth. Not only was this uncomfortable for patients, but it often triggered the gag reflex. Today, we use a slim camera wand to take detailed pictures inside your mouth. Digital dental impressions are perfect for patients with high gag reflex.

2.) Highly Precise

We use digital dental impressions to take highly precise pictures of your teeth and gums. With this information, we’re able to create a tooth crown that looks and feels natural. Your same day crown will fit better since we’re basing the design on highly accurate scans.

3.) Less Time in the Dentist’s Chair

We use CEREC to place your dental crown in one appointment. This is made possible by the CAD/CAM software on our computers that allows your dentist to design your new tooth crown right in front of your eyes. Once your dentist is ready with the design, they’ll send it to the milling machine in our office.

The milling machine is responsible for carving your tooth restoration from a block of ceramic or other tooth-colored material. We provide different shades of material so we can match your same day dental crown to the rest of your smile.

Our dental crowns dentist at Glenn Spencer DDS understands that our patients have busy lives, which is why we’re always looking for technology that shortens treatment time. Instead of waiting weeks for a new dental crown, you could be done in one dentist appointment.

4.) No Temporary Crown

Before CEREC, we had to send your dental impressions to an off-site lab. Since it would take a few weeks for the lab to create your dental crown, we would place a temporary tooth cover in the meantime. The temporary crown was often uncomfortable, which is why many patients are happy we adopted CEREC. Since your CEREC crown is made in one appointment, we don’t have to put a temporary cover over your tooth.

5.) Long Lasting

A CEREC crown can last up to 15 years, as long as you maintain good oral health. This means that you’ll need to continue brushing teeth twice a day and flossing once daily. If we find a lot of plaque and tartar buildup during your next teeth cleaning appointment with us, we may recommend adding a fluoride mouthwash to your routine. As long as you take care of your oral health, your same day dental crown should last for years to come.

Our Bloomfield Hills dental crown dentists at Glenn Spencer DDS are dedicated to helping you achieve a beautiful healthy smile. To schedule your appointment with one of our  same day crown dentists, call Glenn Spencer DDS at (248) 646-6363.