A Dental Assistant's Guide To Success

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One of the keys to a successful dental practice is a highly-skilled, professional Dental Assistant that can work totally in sync with the Dentist to provide leadership and premier customer service for the benefit of the Patient.

Top Dentists all over the world seek and choose the best of the best in professional assistants. Those who possess the clinical, verbal, and leadership skills as well as integrity, responsibility, and flexibility Dentists look for in an assistant, will have a long and prosperous career, enjoying benefits beyond their peers.

Dr. Spencer’s Guide will give you the path to becoming a successful Dental Assistant by revealing what Dentists want. He will outline steps you can take to elevate yourself professionally, making you a stronger Team member and sharper business person. Included are key questions that will make you invaluable in assisting your Dentist with “closing treatment” to provide patients with ultimate service while improving their health and smile.

This is a Must-Read book for your career, your success, your life!

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